Accident Insurance

An accident can happen to anyone despite being careful and how much we try to avoid it. Certainly, elimination and avoidance of risky situations is very important but if an accident happens anyway, it’s important to think in advance how to protect ourselves financially in case of such an incident.

Who needs accident Insurance?

It’s designed for people who want to receive a payout in case of such accident to be able to deal with the financial consequences.

Accident protection pays out in case of:

  • broken bones
  • UK and select European hospital stays - payment for each day of stay
  • Accidental permanent injuries
  • Total permanent disablement - unable to look after yourself ever again
  • Death as a result of accident
  • Non - accidental death (funeral benefit)

Additional options:

First additional feature is Active Lifestyle Cover designed for people doing sport. It covers:

  • Ligament tear - complete (grade 3) tear of knee or ankle joint ligament. Ligament tear - partial tear (grade 2) of knee or ankle joint ligament
  • Tendon rupture (to Achilles, hamstring, bicep brachii (upper arm), quadriceps, or rotator cuff)
  • Dislocation (excluding fingers, thumbs and toes)

The second additional feature is for people working in health care sector (Specialist Healthcare Cover). It includes:

  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Septicaemia caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Hepatitis C, Bacterial meningitis Tuberculosis - excluding latent tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, Clostridium difficile infection

Third additional feature ( Child Cover ).

  • Possibility to cover children

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